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Orpheus Island to Hinchinbrook Island

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From private island escapes, to outback retreats, Townsville North Queensland has all the trimmings for the lovers of luxury with a sense of adventure. Take a road trip (complete with a helicopter detour) to experience some of the region’s most exclusive locations that will leave even the likes of George Clooney (with his own Italian villa) lost for words.



Orpheus Island

While not technically part of the ‘road’ trip, if you’re in search of a luxurious getaway, you can’t miss Orpheus Island. Located amidst the magical waters of the Great Barrier Reef, Orpheus Island Resort is a secluded island hideaway accommodating just 28 indulged guests. Access is either via a 30-minute helicopter journey from Townsville.

Orpheus showcases a plethora of once-in-a-lifetime experiences! Its principal dive sites boast 1,100 of the 1,500 species of fish on the reef; the local waters are a fisherman’s playground and home to the most sought after reef fish species in the world; and guests can take the helm of a motorised dingy complete with gourmet picnic hamper and discover the many pristine coves and reefs that fringe Orpheus.

Alternatively, Orpheus provides the perfect backdrop for a more private interlude if guests wish to simply relax and succumb to a unique indigenous-inspired treatment at the Gwandalan Day Spa.

Optional Detour – Stay a few nights

You might’ve had enough after a day at Orpheus Island. But if you just can’t bear to leave, then stay a few nights at the Orpheus Island Resort.

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Orpheus Island to Magnetic Island

Coming back to ‘reality’ after spending time on a remote island will be easy when you visit The Ville Resort-Casino. Heralded as the ideal ‘locals’ escape, The Ville is a place you can make your own – a peaceful oasis, or a supercharged playground? A place to lose yourself, or to find your bliss? A fleeting drink with friends, or a week of memories to last a lifetime?

Start clocking up the kilometres with a short 20-minute ferry ride across to Magnetic Island, where you can spend the day sailing the high seas on a luxury yacht with Big Mama Sailing, or Pilgrim Sailing. Both tours offer a sunset sail – so kick-back and relax while you sip a champagne and take in the watercolour skies across the horizon.

Stay the night at any one of the holiday apartment options on Magnetic Island before heading back into the mainland for another day of adventure.


Townsville to Paluma

Now this is where the real road-tripping begins. Take a drive North along the Bruce Highway to the cool pristine rainforests of the Paluma Range National Park (approximately 1.5hrs drive). Go off-grid but live like a king or queen, all while taking in the epic natural surroundings at the Hidden Valley Cabins. While you’re there, embark on one of the many nature tours with North Queensland Tours to fully experience what is considered to be the oldest continually living rainforest in the world! See platypus, view the epic Running River Gorge and become acquainted with the quaint Paluma Rainforest Village.


Paluma to Hinchinbrook Island

The drive from Paluma to Ingham is literally a trip along the “50 shades of green” highway – leaving behind the emerald shades of the rainforest and heading to the sugary shamrock greens of the cane fields. A proud sugar cane growing township, Ingham is also home to stunning Wet Tropics, and the southern hemisphere’s largest single drop waterfall, Wallaman Falls. While you’re in Ingham, don’t forget to try some of the local Italian cuisine and fresh local produce.

If you’re up for another exclusive experience, and one that showcases nature in its most pure form, then journey up the Hinchinbrook Channel to Hinchinbrook Island – managed as its own National Park region, the island only allows 40 visitors at any one time, so you’re very likely to wander its wild beaches and leave only your footprints.