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  • Riverbend Tours

    Riverbend Tours welcomes you to Frontier country. In June of 1770 Cook beached HM Bark Endeavour on the shores of [more…]

  • Flagstaff Hill

    Get sweeping views of rainforest, reef and beach at Port Douglas’ ultimate viewing point. Just a short distance from the [more…]

  • Green Hill Fort

    Green Hill Fort on Thursday Island was built between 1891 to 1893 as part of Australia’s defence against a possible [more…]

  • Milbi Wall (The Story Wall)

    To acknowledge the significance of the first known European contact with the Aboriginal people of the area, Cook Shire Council [more…]

  • Mary Watson Monument Cooktown

    This monument was erected in 1886 by the residents of Cooktown honouring Mrs Mary Watson. Mary, her infant son and [more…]

  • Cooktown War Memorial

    Recruitment for WWI in the Cooktown region drew men from the tin mining industries around Rossville and Shiptons Flat to [more…]

  • Cairns War Memorial

    Time now stands still but years ago, the Cairns’ war memorial kept the far northern city’s population punctual. The clock [more…]

  • Herberton War Memorial

    Herberton’s war memorial, a popular ‘Digger’ soldier statue-stands out, and not just because of its soldier’s posture: erect, head high. [more…]

  • Atherton War Memorial

    A jubilant soldier, clenched right fist in the air, seemingly cheering in triumph, creates an unusual sight at Atherton’s War [more…]

  • Hou Wang Chinese Temple and Museum

    Atherton Chinatown is the Award-winning site of the unique Hou Wang Temple and interpretive museum. Located just over a scenic [more…]